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Biking (see Reviews)

Sutton, Quebec is much celebrated as Eastern Canadaís premier bicycle touring hub. Indeed only one little village is better situated - Glen Sutton. We chose the Glen in 1979 because of its ideal location for cycle touring (and for that matter downhill skiing). Whether heading into Vermontís Northeast Kingdom or touring the Eastern Townships of Quebec, there is simply no better jumping off point. Vermont is considered by many to be paradise on Earth for cycle tourers. Not only the fine scenery (thatís found all over), fine roads (found somewhat all over) and fine interval training terrain (found here and there), itís the amazingly low traffic densities that dazzle visitors (most uncommon in our car-riddled culture). We say it with pride- youíll often have more bikes on certain tour segments than cars. When the 2008 Tour de France was considering a Quebec stage, it powered right through Glen Sutton. Clara Hughes, one of Canadaís most decorated Olympians, chose Glen Sutton as home base because of the stunning riding right out the door.

Our map of the day is handed out each morning at 9:00am on the porch of the Lodge. This is your print guide to the adventure ahead. Different distance and difficulty options are detailed and we encourage everyone to ride at their own comfort level...spouses often separate but nobody rides alone. Our sag wagon is on constant patrol in the event of equipment, rider, or; for that matter, weather breakdown. Each excursion has two Lodge outriders. People naturally group together according to speed and distance appetites. Nobody rides any further than desired.

How We Move

Our bicycle trailer is a custom rig and can carry 27 bikes. Tandems, even trikes, are welcome in limited numbers. Our rental fleet has road and hybrid bikes. Our vans have seating for 7, 15 and 21 passengers. Although the occasional ride begins from our door, most of the 25 routes in our catalog begin at points a short drive from the Lodge (generally within 25 minutes).

Ride Possibilities

Our Elderhostel rides average in the 25-30 mile range. Participants can easily do more or do less, as desired.

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cyclists cyclists
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